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nowe spojrzenie
22-30 IX 2009
This occasion marks the first time when works by full-time photography students of the Cinematography and Television Production Department at the Leon Schiller National Film School in Łódź (PWSFTviT) are featured at the Galeria FF - Forum Fotografii, Galeria Stara and Galeria Nowa of the Łódź Cultural Center.
      Although the name of the department does not include the word itself, photography has always been one of the essential elements in the teaching process and it is, first and foremost, an integral form of artistic expression. For the past three years, young students of photography have had a chance to study this discipline under a five-year full-time Master's Program.
      Artists who are currently being featured have chosen a selection of their artistic output to display, realized in the academic year 2008/2009. The title of the exhibition, Nowe spojrzenie (New Look) is aimed at provoking a reflection on issues such as interpretation of reality, creative potential and the ability to formulate individual artistic expression by young photographers-in-training. Twenty eight authors are confronted by their audiences, many of them for the first time.
      As to whether the authors managed to meet expectations and fulfill hopes or whether the title of the current collection is accurate - we leave that to your critical (albeit hopefully kind) judgment ...
Janusz Maria Tylman
professor at the
Leon Schiller National Film School
in Łódź (PWSFTviT)
Franciszek Ammer -Bez Tytułu, 2009
Franciszek Ammer -"Bez tytułu", 2009
Agata Berniak -
Agata Berniak - "Stare Spojrzenie", 2009
Maciej Bujko -
Maciej Bujko - "Dekalog", 2008/2009
Nina Hajdorowicz -
Nina Hajdorowicz - "Pejzaż Ludzki", 2009
Katarzyna Iwańska -
Katarzyna Iwańska - "Single_1", 2009
Magdalena Kimak - Z Cyklu
Magdalena Kimak - z Cyklu "Paint it Black", 2009
Monika Kryszczyńska -
Monika Kryszczyńska - "Bez Tytułu", 2009
Maria Łukaszczyk -
Maria Łukaszczyk - "I nie ma jutra", 2009
Igor Oleś -
Igor Oleś - "Parking", 2009
Filip Żukowski -
Filip Żukowski - "Pejzaż Osobliwy", 2009
Dawid Ciesielski - Z Cyklu
Dawid Ciesielski - z cyklu "Nokturn", 2009
Maciej Jakóbczyk 2009
Maciej Jakóbczyk - z cyklu "LED", 2009
Paulina Janowska, 2009
Paulina Janowska - "Portret", 2009
Rafał Jóźwicki - Z Cyklu
Rafał Jóźwicki - z cyklu "X", 2009
Katarzyna Legendź - Z Cyklu
Katarzyna Legendź - z cyklu "Lalki", 2009
Maciej Nowaczyk - 2009
Maciej Nowaczyk - bez tytułu, 2009
Tomasz Pastyrczyk - Abstrakcje, 2007-2009
Tomasz Pastyrczyk - z cyklu "Abstrakcje", 2007-2009
Joanna Szewczuk 2009
Joanna Szewczuk - z cyklu "Sandslash", 2009
Bartłomiej Talaga - Land I, 2009
Bartłomiej Talaga - "Land I", 2009
Piotr Zbierski - 2009
Piotr Zbierski - "Bez tytułu", 2009
Łukasz Brześkiewicz- Bez Tytułu, 2009
Łukasz Brześkiewicz- "Bez tytułu", 2009
Tymon Iwański
Tymon Iwański - "Bezwładność", Tryptyk (część), 2009
Jakub Karwowski
Jakub Karwowski - "Summersweed", 2009
Witold Kwieciński
Witold Kwieciński - "Surfers", 2009
Przemysław Konefał
Przemysław Konefał - "Mokry proces kolodionowy", 2009
Róża Misztela
Róża Misztela - z cyklu "Requiem", 2009
Anna Orłowska
Anna Orzeszko
Anna Orzeszko - kadr z filmu wideo pt. "Nic", 2009

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