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Born in Warsaw in 1952. She studied painting at the National Higher School of Plastic Arts in Poznań between 1970 and 1972, and at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw between 1972 and 1976. She obtained her honours degree in professor Tadeusz Dominik's workshop in 1976. She practices painting , sculpting, performance. Specific language created through the years of artistic exploration allows the artist to penetrate new areas, like experimental theatre, music  and new media.

Most important series of works:

1980-82 - Duration - series of sculptures (metal, sisal). Beginning of three-dimensional art. Essential to the series: the engagement of space and creation of mutual relations between a sculpture and the surrounding space. The system of inseparable sculptures is made to organize a concrete area where the play between proportions and the relations between individual sculptural elements are the key issues.  

1982-1984 - Mystery of Time - series of 32 objects, measuring 250 cm; resin-bound sawdust, tow and sisal; presented the XLI Venice Biennale. Freestanding figures, forms enclosing each figure, and the so-called "destructa" figures . Different spatial arrangements possible. They are to appeal to the viewers with their tangle of textures, superhuman scale and the spatial composition where space becomes an internal part of the work-installation.  

1982-1984 - Panelites - Search for form to express a concept of time. Five free standing figures, four of which are attached to their panels, and one to a hollow mobile panel, thanks to which the figure can function on its own and as an element of a panel.  For the artist this is a search for form through which time may be expressed.  

1984-1985 - Non Omnis Moriar - a series including a drawing and 10 figures adjacent to the wall; height 160 cm - 345cm and two"desctructa" elements; materials: hemp, flax, tow, sawdust bound with resin on metal structures. The first introduction of colour - red. Inspiration of a crisp outline of a figure on paper resulted in the creation of a set of sculptures. Associations: symbolism of human existence, destiny, the inevitability of the ultimate goal of life and the human condition after death. The sculptures have been shown in the Jewish Pavilion as part of the collection of the National Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum.  

1989-2002 - Figure - images, over 40 works,  oil, canvas; with a central figure apparently confined within a rectangle. In several images, the edge or the clashing of the image with external space is intriguing. Here the range of colours  has been changed ( black, turquoise, white).  

Exploration of new areas. Performance, Theatre, New media.

1991 - Cage - sculpture-installation - enclosing the figural sculpture in a metal cage measuring 300x100x100 cm. The object as the integral part of a live individual performance, shown in the artist's studio for an international group called Demarco (critics and artists) - underlining duration in time in the context of the sculpture-cage, accompanied by a monotonous recording of the artist's voice.  

1992-2002 - Cage - series of images. In the first images of the series a figure appears; since 1994 paintings built of large colour surfaces, large differentiation of textures and colours. Clear dissecting lines or lines defining independent planes within an image make their appearance here. Finally the colours are reduced to white and grey, while the line is simplified.  

1993 - Experimental Theatre - Sculptures as a part of a spectacle Ka Ba Kai/Re-animations by Peter Lachmann. Collaboration with Jolanta Lothe and Peter Lachmann resulted in sculpture clashing with the actor, sound, video image and the rules of a theatre production. The sculptures mark the changing area of the plot and become the part of the intended message of the performance.  

Since 1995 - presence - Demarcation of an Image. Multiplication process. The series called Demarcation of an Image with One-Legged Figure is developed through the use of other techniques:  

1995 - Demarcation of an Image - drawing on paper - the idea of discovering and assimilating the idea of the original gesture and touch. The rudimentary interference of paint or linseed oil on paper is registered; spontaneous destruction of time as the accompaniment of the process of creation. The flow of the lines changes quickly in time as the linseed oil or the oil from the paint soaks into paper, overflowing and growing yellow. 

1997-1998 - One-legged Figure - Series of eight sculptures of concrete up to 240 cm high. A monumental figure becomes an autonomous sign of the artist.  

1998-2001 - Demarcation of an Image/343 concrete slabs and 7 slabs cast in bronze, covered with drawings of the one-legged figure. 

1999 - Packing Up - negative foil - ram - recording on a negative foil of an image of 343 concrete slabs, measuring 40x26x4 cm, enclosed in system of seven surfaces placed in a steel cage sized 300x240x240.  

1999 - Packing Up, video, ram - 17 min. filmrecording of separate concrete slabs stresses the autonomous nature of each element.   

Since 2002 to the present - Demarcation of an Image 01 - Using a system of bronze reliefs and the rhythm of the figures of the one-legged man to furnish an infinite number of possible squares/panels. Transposition of these experiments on other kinds of material (large-format print-outs and projections). 

1999 - Canvas Demarcation of an Image -  canvas and oil, measuring 185x240 cm, inner urge to control the subject permanently and to work simultaneously on the whole work. Changes occurring on the canvas are videotaped. The idea is continued and takes on the form of a Possible Building - a construction where the artist gives a performance before a live audience. While the artist draws the line the performance is recorded and projected onto the screen for the viewers,  often with music as the integral part of the whole process.   

2008-2009 - Chasing Thoughts Away films on DVD: Tunnel (2 min.), Chaos (4 min.), Signs (3,5 min.) 




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